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El Toro is used for ground support services, cargo handling and support equipment Of aircrafts like "Air Starters", Air Conditioning and Generators (GPU'sAPU "s and AC).

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It has diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission, traction capacity of 22 tons, and can be used as pushback of small aircraft.

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Lavrita Engenharia's line of towable equipment also has 1, 3 and 7 ton Load Dollies, with roller or ball models, fixed or rotating loading tables, and the option of custom designs.

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The Hidrovac Ultra is the most advanced technology to perform the removal of rubber and paint markings of the airport tracks. An autonomous equipment mounted on a truck chassis, has an ultra high pressure water jetting and a vacuum system to suck the material removed from the track by removing all debris.

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Equipment used for suction and collection of waste metals through electromagnet, on airport tracks.

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The TURBO-AIR CTT is a device mounted on a Volkswagen truck chassis, the cleaning is done only through suction without broom use. The equipment has a "pick-up head" with the mouth of dimensions 760 mm wide x 2210 mm long. The Air Regenerative System never expels polluted air in the atmosphere.

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Motorized equipment, equipped with platform rollers to transport loads in military aircrafts, developed in partnership with FAB (Brazilian Air Force), fully national.

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Equipment to supply aircraft in versions of 5m3,13m3 and 20m3 of AV-GAS and JET-A1.

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Equipment supply through hydrants fuel servers.

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Equipment supply, through hydrants fuel servers, mounted on chassis.

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Equipment mounted on truck chassis, available in versions 4.6 and 8 meters high

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Baggage handling with flexible track system.

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Descriptive: The Lavrita Passenger Ladder was designed and manufactured according to National and International standards.

It offers optimum performance and safety, for boarding and disembarking passengers.

It has height regulation, which caters to aircraft for domestic and international flights, with actuation of airplanes through hydraulic system

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As optional it has polycarbonate cover and LED lighting.


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Descriptive Insertion: Lavrita Ingeniería, has in its line of equipment, the boarding and disembark ladder of towable passengers.

It has hydraulic tilting system and stabilizers, complying with national and international standards.

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As optional it has polycarbonate cover and LED lighting.


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Truck to aircraft toilets Cleanup.                      Truck for drinking water supplies in aircraft.

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