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The best solution for Solid Waste Collection in Brazil and South America is the Automatic Waste Collection.

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With a storage capacity of 21 m³ of waste, it has modern designer, high technology, with central lubrication arm joints of the robot, operated only by the driver.

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The Automatic Container Washer is an Equipment that performs its simultaneous work with the Side Load Collector, which washes and sanitizes the metal Containers automatically, after collecting the waste from the Containers.

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Built in stainless steel the Container washer has a washing chamber with automatic closing, stainless steel tank of 12 m³ for clean water and water.

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The Lavrita offers the most advanced technology to carry out cleaning services in roads, highways, airports and courtyards of industrial plants using the TURBO-AIR 6-100 equipment.

It is a regenerative air cleaner mounted on truck chassis and fully autonomous.

The operating principle of this equipment is the debris aspiration. The cleaning is performed only through injection and suction air, without the need to use rotating brushes.

It has side brushes that help in the curbs and gutters cleaning, moving debris to the area of operation of the hood.

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- Made to be efficient - fewer moving parts ensure greater availability, higher productivity and longer service life.

- Made to last - Engineering design and robust construction make the TURBO-AIR 6-100 a durable, high-quality machine.

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With a fleet of autonomous units of Hipervacs, Lavrita serves its customers on annual contracts or temporary services.

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This equipment works with dry or wet materials, particle size up to ø 3 "sucking bulk efficiently, cleaning and security.

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Among its many applications include: galleries, transfer chutes, silos, stackers / reclaimers, working tables, steel structures, power plants cleaning, below deck on boats, settling tanks, etc.




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Device mounted on a truck chassis, used for removing markings and removal of rubber, through the water jet on ultra high pressure.

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  Lavrita Solid Waste Compactor used in the collection on public roads.

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Lavrita Stationary General Waste Compactor used in shopping malls, supermarkets and large industries.

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Used in Medical Waste Collection, according the Brazilian traffic rules.

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General Waste Compaction Equipment, utilized in shopping malls, supermarkets and largeindustries. Available in versions of 7, 15, 20, 26 and 30 m3.



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The metal containers allow the hygienic handling of waste, both for users and operators, as well as for the environment and with two capacities of 2,400 and 3,200 liters, remain at the permanent disposal of users and have a long useful life.

The dimensions of the URBAN SOLID WASTE CONTAINERS were studied according to the Side Load Equipment, guaranteeing a perfect functionality in the collection operations made according to ABNT and European Standards EM: 12574 -1.

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