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Equipment used in these services:

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Lavrita has a fleet of equipment and qualified personnel for service through mechanized cleaning, Rubber and Horizontal Signaling Removal in landing and takeoff runways.

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Lavrita Engineering has the most advanced technology for cleaning and capturing metals in the runways.

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Lavrita has a fleet of equipment and skilled professionals for service and Friction Measurement and macrotexture in Airport Tracks with vehicle and equipment MU-METER.

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The measurement of the friction coefficients on airport tracks should be performed at a speed of 65 km / h, assuming variation of 0.5 km / h with a water depth simulated of 1 mm thick, using the system sparge water.

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The process of macrotexture measurement in airport tracks runs through tests by Spot Sand Method. Once computed the various areas resulting from tests of Sand Spot, the depths of Surface Texture and Average depth pavement texture evaluation are calculated. If the result is below the acceptable index, a cleaning of the track should be performed.

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This process is performed by a professional enabled by Engineers Regional Department.