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Lavrita Special Services Engineering, has a fleet of equipment and highly qualified professionals to meet the demands of service.

Equipment used in these services:

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Service provision through mechanized cleaning of culverts and galleries of industrial plants.

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Service provision through mechanized cleaning offering the most advanced technology to carry out cleaning and sweeping of roads, airports and courtyards of industrial plants using the TURBO-AIR 6-100 equipment.

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Used in removing markings, roads, racetracks and courtyards through water jetting.

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The cleaning Mechanized Waterjetting system, designed to perform work in places of difficult access and high altitudes as: roofs, side locks, tunnels, bridges, works of art, buildings, among others.

The operation is performed by the groung on a main panel with hydraulic commands and a joystick to lift and raise a spear with a reach of 25meters high and 180 degress of spin

At the tip of the spear is a robot with three-way movements for positioning the rotating disc, which has water jetting nozzles.

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This equipment is the most safe, fast and efficient way to clean difficult places because it requires no scaffolding, rocker nor the presence of workers working at heights.

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